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Insightful Reporting
Insightful reporting is a fundamental component of strategic planning that consists of a combination of information, business relevance and action. It can be done through marketing reports, reporting software and financial analysis. Nowadays, a lot of companies and their top managements are paying attention to insightful reporting because it helps them in making better decisions.
Social Media Monitoring
Social media has emerged as a power on the internet. It is highly sensitive to the events that take place anywhere in the world. Whether it is a social issue, a powerful show of any political party or the latest technological innovation, nothing hides from social media. The recent social media trends influence business volumes all over the world. An effective social media campaign can drastically increase the number of sales.


Analytics is all about communication, interpretation and discovery of meaningful patterns in data. It is different from analysis because it involves operation research and statistics. Organizations need to monitor their analytics to take important decisions for their business. Analytics is basically an organized form of data that depicts the performance of your business. You can improve and modify your working strategy by studying analytics.

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Digital analytics dashboard for analytics services

Digital Analytics Dashboard

The business landscape has changed a lot with time. The challenges faced by any business can only be met through customized and standardized decisions, which can only be taken if you have complete access to your analytics. There are many tools on the internet that provide information regarding digital analytics. One of them is a digital analytics dashboard. The digital analytics dashboard is the ultimate management tool meant to empower people to manage their work efficiently. It provides you with an overview of the performance and helps you with digital analytics.

Google Analytics dashboard for analytics services

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the amazing services; Google is offering for free. It is no less than a lifesaver for all the marketers who want to promote their business. It provides real information that is collected from the internet and is fully integrated with Google Ad Words. This feature enables a user to check the stats of a running advertising campaign. In addition to this, many other features can help you in improving your website. It shows the traffic on your site based on the region, country and the system. Some of the major Google Analytics services include Real-Time Analysis, Google Website Optimizer and Cohort Analysis.

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E-Commerce Analytics

In this digital world of websites, analytics has become a necessity. Some important tools that are used for analytics are Google Webmasters Tools and Google Analytics. The technological world is moving very fast, and if you want to keep pace with it, then you need to stay updated on latest online market trends. E-commerce websites are becoming big players in the industry, and the future undoubtedly belongs to online stores like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.

Heat mapping dashboard for analytics and visualization services.

Heat Mapping

As you all know that graphical representation of data is so helpful in contemplating the trends and dynamics of any factor. Therefore, heat mapping is a unique and beneficial way of graphically representing the data. It makes it easier for companies to conduct trend analysis.

Google Tag Manager dashboard for tag management and analytics services

Google Tag Manager

Search engines like Google determine the link between content found on a particular website through tags. This is the reason that tags are now an important entity on the internet. Google Tag Manager makes it easier for you to market your products on Google. It is a free tool that can be used by anyone but utilizing its maximum potential is not everyone’s piece of cake. If you also find it difficult to handle, then reach out to our experts who are always available for your help.

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Attribution Modeling

Attribution modelling has emerged as an important concept in the technological world. It refers to the set of rules that can determine how you can assign credit for sales and conversions to touch points in conversion paths. Attribution models will also help you in targeting customers through various platforms and convince them to buy your products. However, if you want to know how attribution models influence the valuation of marketing channel, then use Model comparison tool.

Google Analytics dashboard for analytics services

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Both A/B and Multivariate testing are methods to study the combinations of different variables. In multivariate testing, you can study variables and their variations and can also test a hypothesis in which multiple variables have been modified. This method helps you in deciding which combination is the best among multiple combinations. However, A/B testing is a technique for website optimization that works by creating two versions of the website and then study the change in statistics. The behavior of the user for both of the versions is noticed to check which version is working well.

Digital analytics dashboard for analytics services

Web Analytics Audit

It provides you with all the details regarding the performance of your site. Web analytics exhibits different statistics. Some are easy to understand while some are not for beginners, especially. For this purpose, you need the help of an expert who can interpret the information provided by web analytics. A web analytics expert will also identify the problems and recommend crucial changes for a website. Web analytics audit is therefore necessary for any internet business. If you have a website and you want web analytics audit, then reach out to us.

Google E-commerce Analytics dashboard for e-commerce data analysis services

Enhanced E-Commerce Analytics

E-commerce is undoubtedly a huge revenue generator on the internet. Any organization that is relying on e-commerce needs to learn the latest trends in the market. Besides this, it is essential to check the analytics of an e-commerce website too. To help e-commerce websites achieve more, Google has developed a valuable service known as Enhanced E-commerce Analytics. It is a part of Google Analytics and provides useful insights for an E-commerce business. If you are running an e-commerce website and want to perform better, then we are here to assist you.

Website analysis and reporting services in action

Website Analysis & Reporting

Website analysis and reporting are two main aspects of any website. Both of them are different things but are equally important. They enable you to take wise decisions for your business that are supported by statistics. Website reporting refers to all the numeric information that depicts some results related to your website performance. On the other hand, website analysis is a wordy description of your website performance with fewer numbers. We have been helping many companies to improve their sales through our detailed website analysis and reporting.

E-commerce analytics dashboard for analytics services

Social Media Analytics

We are living in the 21st century, where social media has become a powerful platform. With time, it has evolved significantly, empowering people and shaping the ways to run a business on the internet. What products are people looking for on social media, or what are the latest trends in the corporate sector? These questions can easily be answered through social media analytics. Our social media analysts will answer all your queries regarding your social media campaigns so that you can use social media platforms in the best possible manner.