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A handful of marketers were aware of search engine optimization a decade ago. Many things have changed in the past ten years, and almost every marketing student or professional is now aware of search engine optimization. SEO is a fundamental branch of internet marketing that helps businesses in ranking higher on search engine pages such as Google. Today many businesses are running their SEO programs to make themselves competitive across all industries and rank higher on Google for important keywords. Now let’s talk about some basic search engine optimization services.

Google E-commerce Analytics dashboard for e-commerce data analysis services


Search engine optimization is a broad field, and there are some services that are at the heart of SEO. In this section, we will discuss the main SEO services.
OnPage SEO
OnPage SEO

SEO is a fusion of on-page and off-page activities, aiming to increase the search engine ranking of a particular website. As the name indicates,

OffPage SEO/Link Building
OffPage SEO/Link Building

On the contrary to on-page SEO, off-page SEO focuses on third party websites.

SEO Consulting
SEO Consulting

SEO is an important area of work in digital marketing. What kind of SEO guy is suitable for your business,

SEO Audit
SEO Audit

Search engine optimization activities will deliver the desired results if the website is in harmony with SEO activities.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

Keywords are at the heart of the search engine marketing game. Keywords are the words or phrases,

SEO Content Development
SEO Content Development

You cannot conduct an effective search engine optimization without content,

Landing Page Optimization
Landing Page Optimization

Companies are spending millions of dollars on the paid advertisement,

Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization

Paid advertisement and high ranks on Google are not enough. You need to,

Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management

Benjamin Franklin once said; “It takes many good deeds to build a reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

Wikipedia Optimization
Wikipedia Optimization

Wikipedia is one of the top websites on the internet all over the world. It is completely a content-based platform and has millions of unique visitors.


Search engine optimization can be done by targeting a particular geographic area in the world. For example, if a company is selling tech-equipment, it would like to target the area where the relevant audience can be engaged; people who are more interested in buying technology.
Google E-commerce Analytics dashboard for e-commerce data analysis services

Local SEO

Local business is essential for search engines. The main objective of the search engines is to help local businesses find local and global customers. Through SEO, local businesses can sell more and target important keywords. If you are running a local business or a multinational corporation, then local SEO is the best option for you to reach local customers.

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Arabic SEO

Companies operating in Arabic countries must invest in Arabic SEO if they want to do better than others. Majority of the people living in Arabic countries prefer the Arabic language for reading and listening online. You will find a big amount of Arabic content on the internet and search engines also understand it. Therefore, your business can make a difference by doing SEO for Arabic content.

Multilingual SEO

If you want to target a large number of people who are residing within a country, then multilingual SEO is the best option for you. Doing SEO in multiple languages takes more investment and efforts but produces more sales. If your website is more optimized you will get better sale leads. Multilingual SEO will produce better results for your business.

International/Global SEO

If you are dealing with customers who live in different parts of the world, then opt for international or global SEO. Multinational companies operate in many countries while their marketing team is located in a single geographical area. Through international and global SEO, you can target more than one countries.


In order to show personalized search results, Google, along with other search engines, tracks the geographical location of a visitor. This tracking and analysis done by search engines, display different results to the people living in different parts of the world for the same keyword.
Google Analytics
How many visitors are coming to your website? What are the visitors looking for? How long are they staying on your website? These are some very basic questions that need to be answered. Google analytics will answer all these questions for you. It is an online tool introduced by Google to provide useful analytics to webmasters and marketers.
Google Tag Manager
Tags are the code snippets that send information to the third party, which can be Google or any other company. Google Tag Manager is an important tool that helps digital marketers and webmasters to access wonderful statistics. It manages the tags on a website or mobile app. It is easy to use and enables the users to update their tags on the website or mobile app.
Heat Mapping
Heat mapping technology is getting very popular these and for the right reasons. It refers to the graphical representation of data in which values are represented as colours in the matrix. When values of different variables are plotted on a heat map, it becomes easier to make decisions.
A/B & Multivariate Testing
A/B or Multivariate testing are two different approaches used for testing. Multivariate testing is utilized to analyze a website and check the hypothesis. On the other hand, A/B testing includes creating two versions of a site (A and B), analyzing them and determining which one has a better user experience.
Visual representation of Pay Per Click marketing


Although SEO is a set of standard practices, but there are some industry-related specifications that every SEO professional should consider. You can target healthcare or insurance customers in the same way, but you need to change the approach or strategy while targeting entertainment customer. Mentioned below are the details and importance of SEO for different industries.
SEO for E-Commerce
The benefits of an E-commerce website can reap from SEO are unmatched. E-commerce companies can earn and sell more products through SEO. By extensively using SEO services, e-commerce companies can rank higher and trigger their sales.
SEO for Medical/Healthcare/Dentistry
Apart from product-based industry, the service sector can also benefit from SEO. If you are running a hospital, clinic, law firm or chartered accountant firm, you can opt for SEO. It will provide you with plenty of clients and customers depending upon the potential in your area.
SEO for Insurance
SEO for insurance companies is highly competitive but still worth doing. The insurance keywords and financial services are very expensive in search engine marketing. By investing money in SEO, insurance companies can convey their message to customers easily.
SEO for Hospitality
Hospitality sector can also get benefits from search engine optimization. People nowadays book hotels beforehand and look for better restaurants to stay while travelling. The companies in the hospitality sector who invest in SEO are getting a significant amount of customers from the internet.
SEO for Travel/Tourism
SEO can also prove to be beneficial for travel and tourism companies. The tourism industry is a big yet competitive industry on the internet. If you can hire qualified SEO experts, it will get you a lot of extra customers online.
SEO for Real Estate
Real estate industry is one of the largest industry in the world. Millions of people are now associated with the real estate business. By adopting SEO for this industry, plenty of potential customers can be obtained, which means you can earn millions in property sales.
SEO for Education
In the last few years, educational institutions have also started using SEO to promote themselves. Education is an important sector worldwide, and people search for good educational institutions on the internet. If you have done SEO for your institution properly, then there is no doubt that you will get more students.
SEO for Retail/FMCG
People associated with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail companies can reach more customers online. This is the reason that retail stores and FMCG companies are shifting their focus to the online stores as well. You can also benefit from SEO if you are running a retail store too.


We are living in an era of mobiles and videos. Majority of people now browse the internet from mobile phones rather than using a computer or laptop. It implies that companies should target their customers on mobiles phones. Therefore, you should focus on investing more on mobile and video optimization if you want a huge return on investment.

Mobile Optimization

In recent years, mobile optimization has become crucial. There are several reasons behind this increasing popularity of mobile optimization. The most prominent one is the search algorithm update from Google. The updated Google algorithm ranks mobile friendly websites higher. It is now considered a standard in the industry to make user-friendly websites that can enhance the visitor’s experience. Is your website mobile-friendly? Let us analyze your website before we make it more user-friendly and help you in ranking it higher on Google.

App Store Optimization

Android devices have taken over the world nowadays. Android-based smartphones surpassed the benchmark of 1 billion a few months ago, and it is still counting. Same is the case with iOS devices like iPhones from Apple. There are almost 1 billion such devices in the world at the moment. This incredibly huge figure reflects the great potential of application stores such as PlayStore by Google, App Store by Apple, and Windows Store by Microsoft. App store optimization will help your customers to find your app easily.

Video/YouTube Optimization

Videos are very famous on the internet. People nowadays like and prefer video content over written content. The most popular and biggest platform for videos is YouTube. Millions of people watch billions of videos on YouTube every single day. They search for different videos whenever they need to find a particular video. What kind of videos will appear at the top when a user is searching on YouTube? It depends on the video and YouTube optimization.


Search engines have their terms of use to ensure fair usage. They also have a penalization mechanism to deal with those websites that exploit the loopholes in the search engines.
A computer with a world map and networking symbols, illustrating local SEO
Backlink Auditing
Every search engine has its own set of practices and rules. A backlink is considered an important entity in the world of search engine optimization. It is just like an endorsement from another website. These backlinks are secured from similar or high authority websites. However, it should be kept in mind that not all backlinks will help you in ranking higher on Google or any other search engine. Backlink auditing is not a very lengthy task but is of utmost importance. You should get your backlinks audited as soon as possible so that your website can rank higher on search engines.
Negative SEO Recovery
SEO is of two types White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO is a legitimate set of practices that are suggested by search engines. Black Hat SEO, on the other hand, refers to the SEO activities that are forbidden by the search engines like Google. If a website is following black hat SEO practices, then there are chances that it will get penalized by the search engine. Negative SEO is not recommended at all because it puts your business at risk, and it will take some time to recover from the consequences of negative SEO. Our team of SEO experts will help you in recovering from the negative SEO at the earliest.
Link Removal Service
As discussed earlier, some backlinks harm your website. Such backlinks are unhealthy and can lower the rankings. Therefore, it is preferable to remove such unnecessary links at your earliest before they start negatively affecting your site. Many websites are offering link removal services, but it is important to choose the right one. There are many substandard websites who claim to be the link removing services but can mess up. In this case, Signifypro is the best choice to get rid of unnecessary backlinks.
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Link Removal Service
Google has designed some set of rules for its search engine users. It is quite strict about its usage policy and does not bear any violation. If a website gets penalized by Google, it requires some time to stand up again. However, it is not impossible to rank higher once again after getting penalized. You must use recommended search engine optimization practices for this purpose. Opting for negative SEO techniques will get your website banned. Signifypro can help you in recovering from Google penalty.